The Children’s Museum of Findlay

In the center of Findlay, Ohio, there is a gem called the Children’s Museum of Findlay. The museum, which opened its doors in 2018, is committed to giving kids engaging, hands-on learning opportunities that spark their imaginations. Families from the Findlay region and beyond have started to frequent the museum frequently.

The Findlay Children’s Museum is located in a stunning, old structure that was once a bank. A grand entrance, marble floors, and an elaborate ceiling create an impressive first impression of the building. The bank’s original vaults have been cleverly repurposed by the museum to house displays that explore the science of money, including currencies and banking systems.

The museum’s displays are intended to pique curiosity and promote exploration. Children can explore a playhouse, get on a real fire truck, and even make their own artwork. A wide range of STEAM-based exhibits that explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math have also been developed by the museum.

The “Music Room,” one of the museum’s most well-liked exhibits, lets kids experiment with various instruments and make their own music. There are several musical instruments in the room, including keyboards, xylophones, and drums. The museum also provides ongoing music and dance-related programming and workshops.

The “Construction Zone,” which enables kids to explore building and engineering concepts, is another well-liked exhibit. Children can build structures and experiment with balance and gravity using blocks, magnets, and other materials. Additionally, the museum has included a 3D printer in the display so that kids can see their creations come to life.

The museum is dedicated to giving all kids a secure and welcoming environment. It has put in place a number of accessibility features, such as ramps for wheelchairs and sensory-friendly exhibits. For kids with autism and sensory processing issues, the museum also offers “sensory hours,” during which the lights and sounds are changed to create a more calming atmosphere.

Along with workshops, camps, and field trips, the Children’s Museum of Findlay also provides a variety of educational programming. The “Summer Camps” offered by the museum are a well-liked choice for kids looking for an entertaining and worthwhile summer activity. The camps concentrate on a range of subjects, such as science, art, and music.

Additionally, the museum collaborates with nearby schools to offer students educational opportunities and field trips. The museum is a great place for teachers looking to add to their classroom instruction because its exhibits and programming meet Ohio’s state learning standards.

The Children’s Museum of Findlay offers programming and special events in addition to its exhibitions. These occasions include seasonal activities like the “Pumpkin Party” and “Santa’s Workshop,” as well as neighborhood gatherings like “Touch-a-Truck,” which lets kids get up close and personal with various vehicles like police cars and construction machinery.

A passionate group of volunteers and employees who are committed to giving kids engaging and educational experiences run the museum. Sarah Sisser, the executive director of the museum, has experience in early childhood education and is dedicated to turning the institution into a useful tool for local families and educators.

In conclusion, families from Ohio and beyond should make a point of visiting the Children’s Museum of Findlay. Children can learn and explore in the museum’s interactive exhibits, educational programming, and dedication to inclusivity. The museum is encouraging the next generation of innovators and problem solvers with its emphasis on STEAM-based learning and hands-on exploration.

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