Some folks assume that they are going to lose their teeth as they get older. Our staff at Pure Smiles wants to assure our patients that there is a strong possibility of you keeping your natural teeth for your lifetime. This is done by practicing excellent oral hygiene and by visiting your dentist for regular cleanings and exams. However, good oral care involves more than just the teeth. Each patient must be committed to caring for the gums and bone structure around the teeth as well. Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) involves bacterial infection in the gums and it ultimately threatens the health of your teeth. Good dentists are always checking for early signs of gum disease. If they notice it, they will certainly recommend some form of periodontal therapy.

Periodontal Therapy Procedures

Periodontal treatment can be administered in various ways, but it will always be focused on restoring health to diseased gums. If gum disease is not confronted, it can spread to the surrounding bone structure and eventually bring about the loss of teeth. There are several treatments that are effective in the fight against gum disease, including:

Scaling & Root Planing 
This procedure is a great place to start when confronting gum disease. This is a deep-cleaning procedure which removes plaque and tartar from deep within the gum tissue.

Gum Grafting 
This procedure is used when areas of gum tissue have been lost and is in need of replacement. This gum tissue is restored in order to protect the root of the teeth. A dentist will take gum tissue from a healthy area of your mouth and move it to the deficient area.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery 
This procedure is used when a reshaping procedure is required to make the gums more aesthetically appealing.

Periodontal Laser Treatment 
During this procedure, lasers are employed to remove diseased gum tissue. This method is more desirable than conventional surgery because the lasers produce less gum shrinkage and discomfort.

Crown Lengthening Surgery 
This is a surgical procedure in which some bone and gum structure may be removed to expose more of the tooth. This may be done for practical reasons such as preparing the tooth for a crown, or it may be done for cosmetic purposes like making the smile appear less “gummy.”

Dental Implants 
Implants have become the method of choice for replacing missing teeth. A titanium rod is implanted in the jawbone and a natural-looking porcelain crown is attached to produce a very strong and natural looking set of teeth.

Tips for Staying Healthy

If you want to keep your gums healthy, then it is essential that you get rid of plaque on a daily basis through the use of thorough flossing and effective brushing. For those areas of your teeth and gums that are difficult to reach, there are professional cleanings and exams to help you out. 

Save yourself time and money by taking care of your teeth today! If you are in need of a dental examination or if your teeth are causing you discomfort, call our office right away! We are committed to preserving your smile and your oral health. If you are a part of the Cincinnati, OH community, contact us today!

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