Little Brown Fug

One of the most prestigious harness racing competitions in North America is the Little Brown Jug. The Little Brown Jug, an event that takes place every year in September at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio, draws tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world to watch the fastest and most talented standardbred horses compete for the chance to win.

The first running of the race took place in 1937 in Delaware, a small town in Ohio. The winning horse and its connections receive a jug-shaped trophy, hence the nickname “Little Brown Jug,” which quickly gained popularity. One of the most recognizable awards in horse racing is the silver jug.

A three-year-old pacing horse one-mile race called The Little Brown Jug is held. The race is distinctive in that it is conducted in heats, the first two of which each feature eight horses. The winners of each heat then compete in a third heat against the two horses who finished second and third, respectively. The Little Brown Jug is one of the richest races for three-year-olds in North America with a total purse of more than $600,000.

The Little Brown Jug has a long history in Ohio and is now a significant figure in its history. The race draws thousands of spectators each year and is a must-see event for fans of harness racing. During Little Brown Jug week, the Delaware County Fairgrounds are alive with music, food, and entertainment for guests of all ages.

Visitors can participate in a variety of other events throughout Little Brown Jug week in addition to the race itself. A parade, a street fair, and a charity auction featuring one-of-a-kind goods and experiences are all held in Delaware’s downtown. The Delaware County Fairgrounds, which host numerous other events all year long, are also open to visitors.

Over the years, The Little Brown Jug has witnessed a lot of noteworthy events. The most well-known instance of this happened in 1947 when driver Clint Hodgins and his horse, Ensign Hanover, triumphed in a nail-biting finish. Ensign Hanover overcame a deficit to win by a nose, and the photo finish turned into one of the most recognizable in the annals of harness racing.

Another noteworthy event took place in 1963 when Overtrick, a horse, triumphed in the Little Brown Jug after dropping the first heat. After losing the first heat, Overtrick came back to win the second and third, becoming the first horse to triumph in the Little Brown Jug.

The Little Brown Jug has seen many outstanding horses and drivers compete over the years. Adios Butler, Bret Hanover, Niatross, and Matts Scooter are some of the most notable winners. Billy Haughton, John Campbell, and Dave Palone are just a few of the drivers who have left their mark on the race by taking home multiple Little Brown Jugs over the course of their careers.

The Little Brown Jug is a celebration of both Ohio’s past and the sport of harness racing; it is more than just a horse race. Visitors from all over the world come to the state to experience the race, which has a significant cultural impact. The Little Brown Jug is the ultimate event for fans of harness racing. It’s a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience thanks to the thrill, custom, and competition.

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