Your Gums Can Give Indication Of Underlying Health Problems

Did you know that the gums can give us an insight to your overall health?

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. When left untreated the body’s immune system must fight the bacteria that are below the gum line. Toxins break down the bone and tissues surrounding the teeth. If not treated this support will be destroyed leaving the teeth loose and possibly needing removed.

Signs of gum disease typically show up around the ages of 30-40 although in some cases can be seen even in teenagers. For many, good home care will clear up early stages of infection. For others, gum disease can be an indicator of other underlying health issues. Medications, smoking, diabetes, heart issues, kidney malfunction, pregnancy hormones, and other illnesses can all be linked to periodontal disease.

Our main goal is to control the infection. Treatments can vary dependent upon the extent of the gum disease. Since each case is different, it is not possible to predict long term results making it that much more important to visit the dentist regularly for routine checkups and periodontal cleaning.
Our recommendations include regular dental visits, using a good electric toothbrush, daily flossing and water pick use, and a good mouth rinse.

If you note that your gums are swollen and bleed easily, talk to your dental professional today!

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