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Whiter and Brighter Smile

October 10, 2016

fotorcreatedOne of the most common questions in the dental office is, how can I get whiter teeth? There are right ways and wrong ways to whiten teeth. Tooth whitening, when done properly is a very safe, effective tool in getting a brighter smile. When done improperly, tooth whitening can damage teeth irreversibly.

It’s important to understand that whitening is not permanent. Our daily diets often include staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, and berries. These substances can leave an external (outer surface) stain on the teeth. External stains can be removed with toothpaste, whitening agents, and dental cleanings.

Stains that are internal, or on the inside of a tooth, is much harder to remove. Tetracycline stain, a common antibiotic used several years ago, caused teeth to be grey from the inside out. A tooth that has undergone trauma often appears dark in color brown. These stains require internal bleaching that can only be done by a dentist to whiten the tooth. Often when all teeth are affected by internal discoloration it is more common to have dental makeovers completed using veneers rather than internal bleaching of all the teeth.

No matter what type of stain, we can help! Ask us about our white for life program.

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