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Sleep Apnea

Are you constantly tired? Having trouble concentrating? Waking up short of breath? These are just a few symptoms of sleep apnea, and it can be serious to your overall health. Sleep apnea can affect every aspect of your day as well as cause serious side effects. Don’t put off getting treated for sleep apnea. Finally get a good night of sleep and learn how to put your symptoms to rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Constantly having your sleep interrupted by breaks in your breathing throughout the entire night is known as obstructive sleep apnea. These breaks of breathing usually last a minimum of ten seconds. This causes you to wake up gasping for air. This is caused by closed airways when your throat muscles aren’t working properly while you sleep. If you have central sleep apnea, it is caused by the brain not controlling your breathing the right way during sleep. Whether you deal with obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea, both result in serious side effects that can affect your overall health. Health issues can include low blood oxygen levels, heart disease, memory problems, mood swings and hypertension. This poor sleep quality also puts you at risk of falling asleep while driving. Getting help with sleep apnea is essential to your health and should not be delayed. 

Believe it or not, the number has reached 18 million American men and women. Although the total counts aren’t clear at every age, obstructive sleep apnea can affect any age including children. 

Many factors can contribute to sleep apnea including having small airways, a small jaw, a large neck size, large overbite, a recessed chin or being overweight. Other factors may include age (40 or older), genetics, a habit of smoking or consuming alcohol or ethnicity. An increase of sleep apnea is seen in ethnicities including African-Americans, Pacific-Islanders and Hispanics.

There are many symptoms of sleep apnea and most of those stem from poor quality of sleep. Symptoms can include loud snoring, constant drowsiness, moodiness, memory loss, high blood pressure, depression and congestive heart failure. Sleep apnea that is left untreated can lead to serious symptoms.

A common treatment for sleep apnea is the CPAP mask. This mask is worn while you sleep and helps keep the airways open for better breathing and better rest. Another form of treatment is a dental appliance that helps with jaw positions to better open the airways. Visiting your dentist is the first step. After going over your symptoms and finding what is causing your sleep apnea, the best form of treatment can be recommended. Lifestyle changes may be recommended to help with symptoms including losing weight, avoiding alcohol or quitting smoking. 

Getting a good night of sleep is essential, so the best way to cope with sleep apnea is finding ways to help you sleep better. Following your doctor’s instructions is key, whether a CPAP mask or other method is recommended for treatment. Getting a proper diagnosis is the best way to start down the road towards a better night of sleep.

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This device is used in root canal therapy. The rotary endodontic handpiece works by cleaning and shaping the canal during the root canal treatment.

The VELscope is used in detecting signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer screening is very effective in diagnosing and treating symptoms early, and this device helps your dentist identify signs of oral cancer that he wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

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Are There Treatments?

If you are dealing with sleep apnea, you are probably wondering what your treatment options are. Of course, the first step is scheduling a consultation. There are a wide variety of treatments for sleep apnea and your dentist can help you determine which treatment has the best chance of improving your sleep and eliminating your symptoms. This is mostly based on what is obstructing your airways and preventing you from sleeping normally. If you are dealing with sleep apnea symptoms, call Pure Smiles today!

CPAP devices are among the most common treatments for sleep apnea. A CPAP mask (and other similar devices) will open your airways while you sleep, allowing your sleep to be uninterrupted by breathing issues. Oral appliances are growing in recognition for sleep apnea treatment as well and are considered a great first option for treatment.

An oral appliance will adjust your jaw to open your airways while you sleep. The oral appliance will also prohibit the tongue and muscles from getting in the way of the airways as well.

Typically, it will take a few days to adjust to sleeping with an oral appliance or any type of device to treat sleep apnea. Your dentist can help adjust the appliance if necessary to help it fit properly and not inhibit sleep. Once you are able to breathe properly, getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be an issue with the help of an appliance or mask.

Many times, your health insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Although you may be visiting a dentist for your sleep apnea treatment, health insurance still will most likely cover treatment in this area. Calling your insurance can help you better understand your options for coverage.

Yes! In fact, several patients are now able to get a full night of rest thanks to successful sleep apnea treatment. Finding the best form of treatment is the first step to success. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, don’t put off getting the care that you need.

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