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Taylor’s Transformation Story

What happens when someone feels that their smile is broken? And what happens when others comment on a smile that is less than perfect? Do the doors close, memories fade, and is the outlook on life compromised?

Taylor can tell you what that’s like because she has been on both sides of her smile. There was the smile that she was born with—one that was gapped, chipped, and small. “Broken.” That’s the term she uses to describe her smile before. Then, there is the smile she has now—white, straight, and clean. “Perfect”.

Taylor was only 13 years old when someone first asked her a question that haunted her for years to come: “Why are your teeth like that?” Taylor’s smile was less than ideal and she was finally at that age when her appearance started to matter. Friends and a social life started to matter. Boys started to matter. So one comment about her flawed smile instantly put her into an insecure state. 

These insecurities carried throughout the rest of grade school. Taylor focused on goals and hobbies that her “broken” smile wouldn’t affect. She began to dive deeper into her studies, becoming a model student, and she focused on her athleticism. She was a star softball player, living and breathing the sport. And in her free time, she improved her artistic skills, mainly painting. Despite her focus, more scarring comments were made over the years.

This was the tipping point that brought Taylor to Pure Smiles and where she met Dr. Chris Holland. While she was nervous about her appointment, afraid of what the doctor would tell her or that he too would make a mean comment about her teeth, she was instantly put at ease.

“Dr. Holland is the kindest, most gentle man. He has such a gentle soul and made me feel so comfortable. Even when my smile was broken, he made me feel good.”

Even just having a short conversation with Dr. Holland, you can tell that Taylor was spot on. He does make you feel comfortable with his calming demeanour and friendly attitude. “A smile is one of the first things you notice about someone and it creates a lasting impact on their self-confidence. When I first met Taylor, I connected with her instantly. I knew that I could help her and that she would no longer have to be worried about her smile,” says Dr. Holland.

With 25 years of experience and a love for the artistic side of dentistry. Dr. Holland began to craft Taylor’s new smile through a treatment called veneers. Together, Dr. Holland and Taylor made sure that this new smile was 100 percent unique to Taylor and that she had a say in everything from color, to shape, and even position. 

While the new smile didn’t happen overnight, it didn’t take long either. Within just a few weeks, the girl with the “broken smile” was no more. Taylor’s new veneers were placed over her existing teeth. These veneers essentially masked the imperfections Taylor lived with for so many years and gave her a brand new smile. Best of all, this life-changing treatment was completed just in time for her wedding.

When asked what she would tell other people who might find themselves in a similar situation that she was in just a few years ago, Taylor replied, “Your life doesn’t have to be like this. It gets better from here. If your smile bothers you, a simple consultation is important. It does give you that confidence back.”

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“I got my smile back!” – O’Neal

O’Neal had dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental implants placed.

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“I almost gave up on getting my teeth fixed.” – Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn had full mouth dentures following the diagnosis of periodontal disease.

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“They walked me through everything.” – Amy

After a car accident that took several of Amy’s teeth, she opted to have dental implants placed.

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