Inniswood Metro Gardens

Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio, is a secret gem that provides visitors with a singular encounter with nature and serenity. For anyone seeking a tranquil and serene atmosphere, Inniswood Metro Gardens is a must-visit location with its stunning landscape, varied plant collections, and various gardens.

Sisters Grace and Mary Innis, who were devoted to gardening and the outdoors, once owned the private estate that is now known as Inniswood Metro Gardens. In order to preserve its natural beauty and make it accessible to the public, the estate was donated to the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District in 1972 after they passed away. The gardens have undergone numerous upgrades since then to improve both their aesthetics and accessibility.

The variety of plant collections at Inniswood Metro Gardens is one of its most impressive aspects. Over 2,000 species of plants, many of which are native to Ohio, including perennials, annuals, bulbs, trees, and shrubs, can be found in the gardens. The plant collections are dispersed among a number of gardens, each with special characteristics and ambiance.

For instance, the Woodland Garden has a trail that winds through a forest of oak, maple, and other trees. It is a shaded garden. Trilliums, bluebells, and mayapples are among the native wildflowers that line the trail, which creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere ideal for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

Another well-liked attraction is the Herb Garden, which has a large selection of herbs like rosemary, basil, and lavender that are not only attractive to the eye but also provide visitors with a fragrant and aromatic experience. The garden’s beauty and tranquility are further enhanced by the presence of a sundial and a charming water fountain.

The topiary garden at Inniswood Metro Gardens is another distinctive element. The trees and bushes in this garden have been painstakingly carved to resemble giant butterflies, peacocks, and dragonflies. These topiaries are not only stunning, but they also amuse visitors, especially young children.

Another noteworthy site is the Sister’s Garden, which bears the names of the original estate owners, two sisters. The garden is a well-liked location for weddings and other events because it has a lovely rose arbor, a charming gazebo, and a sizable pond with a fountain. The sisters’ love of gardening and the outdoors served as inspiration for the garden’s design, which pays homage to their legacy.

The Innis House, which was once the Innis sisters’ home and is now a visitor center and museum, is one of the educational and interactive exhibits at Inniswood Metro Gardens. Visitors can learn about the history of the estate and the sisters’ contributions to the neighborhood by visiting the museum.

Throughout the year, the park district also provides a number of educational programs and workshops, such as gardening classes, bird-watching tours, and photography workshops. These initiatives aim to increase visitors’ knowledge of the natural world and their appreciation of the environment.

Inniswood Metro Gardens is a special place that provides visitors with a variety of peacefulness, educational opportunities, and natural beauty. Inniswood Metro Gardens is a must-see location that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and connected to nature, whether you’re looking for a tranquil stroll, a picnic spot, or an educational experience.

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