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We Can Help You Replace Missing Teeth!

Why do I need to replace missing teeth? I can still chew just fine without it!  This is one of the most common statements from patients following the loss of a tooth. In many instances losing a toothdreamstime_s_20607982 can start a chain of events that will lead to the eventual loss of more teeth. Teeth depend on one another. They work together and support each other. When a tooth is lost a space remains. Surrounding teeth will erupt into erupt into the space from above or lean sideways into the space from the sides. This, over time, will lead to further tooth loss.  There are many ways to replace missing teeth.

The first option to replace missing teeth is partial or full dentures. An immediate option, these are the least desirable of all three options. These dental appliances must be taken in and out of the mouth frequently to clean the mouth and be left out at night. They do replace missing teeth, but often create issues of further tooth loss.

A second option to replace missing teeth is placement of a dental bridge. This option relies on teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Dental bridges typically only replace one or two missing teeth per unit. Unfortunately, the adjacent teeth must be ground down in order to support the bridge, even if there is nothing wrong with the tooth.

And finally, dental implants replace missing teeth. Dental implants are self-reliant and replace individual teeth. Implants can also be used to support dentures in a more permanent fashion.

It’s important to understand all options prior to choosing a treatment. We want to provide what is best for you!

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