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Understanding Dental Insurance

January 9, 2017

Another wonderful holiday season is in the books and now we are ready to start the new year.  Fear, time and money remain the three biggest reasons that people avoid the dentist. I’d like to address the money topic today, more specifically dental insurance.

Insurance can be difficult to understand. We have a team of ladies that work closely with dental insurance companies on behalf of our patients. They were kind enough to point out some important information that we should all keep in mind.

Dental insurance is designed to assist patients with common dental care issues as well as help budget for larger restorative issues. Typically, dental plans cover some or all the costs of exams, cleanings, and preventive x-rays. For larger procedures, dental insurance typically helps with a portion of the expense.  Always remember, dental insurance is your benefit. The insurance company gives you a certain amount every year that you may use toward your dental services. It is important to keep this number in mind when scheduling dental treatment. This amount typically rolls over one time per year. Often, this renewal date is January 1st. The unused portion does not roll over to the new year, so maximizing those insurance dollars is important.  Lima, New Bremen, and Spencerville Dental Associates work hard to be in network with as many insurance companies as possible. Keep in mind that your insurance company determines what they will pay, who they will pay, and when they will pay. We do not determine this information.

If there is any question as to whether your insurance company will pay for something, please ask. We are more than happy to send a predetermination to your insurance company on your behalf. A predetermination of service often help to have a better understanding of what your insurance benefits will cover.

Finally, choosing a dental insurance plan can be overwhelming. We are happy to help you break down your policy options to better understand them.

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