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Stress Affects Oral Health?

December 6, 2016

dreamstime_xs_21310261Stress affects us all, children and adults! Whether it’s financial worries, social pressures, family problems, or natural disasters, stress is a common response to them all.
Not only can stress decrease the immune system, it can cause decreased saliva, increased snacking, increased clenching of the teeth, and decreased home care.

Our staff is highly trained to pick up on these signs of stress through conversation with the patient or by looking in the mouth. Some of the visible signs include red, puffy gums, increased bleeding, decreased home care, unusual increase in decay or broken teeth, and even dry mouth.

There are precautions that we can practice while undergoing stressful times such as increased brushing and flossing, increased rest, increased consumption of water, protective mouth guards, and exercise instead of snacking. We, of course, lend listening ears as well.

We are as equally concerned with our patient’s overall health as we are their oral health.

As always,

Keep smiling, sharing, and caring.

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