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December 12, 2016

The holidays are upon us! That means family dinners, lots of pictures, laughter, and fun! This time of year we have a lot of requests for whiter brighter teeth.
Not only is tooth whitening popular for our patients this time of the year, but it is also a popular gift to give. Lima, New Bremen, and Spencerville Dental Associates offer several different whitening options to our patients.

Removing external stain (outside stain) can be as easy as using a special toothpaste made for whitening. Often coffee, tea, and wine drinkers needs a little more than just a toothpaste.
White strips are available for home use. These strips are placed on the front teeth for up to an hour at a time and if done daily for 7-12 days will give bright results.

Our most popular whitening method is our “White for Life” program.  We will fabricate custom trays for you. Once these trays are made, patients can whiten at their convenience, often while they sleep. This method is successful and our patients receive free whitening gel for their lifetime (restrictions apply).

Finally, in office whitening can be completed for patients who desire immediate results.  Do you have pictures or a wedding to attend but don’t feel your brightest? We can whiten your teeth in a few short hours with our chair side whitening procedure.

Results from whitening vary from patient to patient.  It is important to check with your dental professional prior to whitening to ensure that whitening is the right decision for you!

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