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Let Us Clear Correct Your Smile!

clear-correctHaving a great looking smile is a perk of orthodontic treatment! But getting braces isn’t just to create a perfect smile.

Orthodontics treat malocclusion, crowding, protruding, cross bites, open bites, and even TMJ issues.  Malocclusion occurs when the teeth don’t fit together properly affecting chewing, digestion, and proper alignment of remaining teeth.  Crowding occurs when not enough space is present for the teeth to erupt into their desired position.  Open bites occur when the teeth do not fit together properly creating an issue of tongue thrusting and speech issues.  Cross bites create issues of growth, uneven tooth wear, and poor dental function.

Orthodontics can be completed at any age, not just children.  A healthy smile is beneficial to self-esteem, confidence, and overall health.

There are several different options for orthodontic treatment available. Ask your dental professional about orthodontics for you.

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