I’d Rather Have A Root Canal

Did you ever hear the saying “I’d rather have a root canal”? That saying dates back to a time before pain control was used in dentistry. With today’s technology and multiple options of anesthetic, root canals are now a comfortable experience. There are only two reasons that anyone should ever need a root canal. One reason for root canal therapy is if the nerve or pulp of the tooth is damaged and dying. The other reason for needing is if the tooth has died and or is abcessed.

root canalThe goal of a root canal is to remove the pulp, nerve, and any infection present and returning the tooth to a normal healthy state.

When abscess (or infection) is present it is necessary to include antibiotic therapy along with a root canal. A crown will also be necessary when root canal therapy is performed on a posterior tooth to prevent breakage in the future. The great news is, with all the technology available to us in our office, all of this can be performed in as little as 2-3 hours.

There is an alternative to root canal therapy. Unfortunately, a tooth sometimes cannot be saved and extraction is necessary. This leaves a gap. When a tooth is lost both additional bone loss and adjacent tooth movement can occur. We encourage patients to discuss tooth replacement alternatives with their dental professional.

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