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Have You Heard of Same Day Dentistry and Crowns?

dental-crownNovember 28, 2016

Have you heard of same day crowns?  We can seriously make crowns IN a day!  No more multi-visit dental appointments for a dental crown are necessary. Dental technology is ever changing and growing. Because we care and because we ensure that the newest and greatest treatment is available to you right here in Lima, Ohio, we now have the ability and technology to make a dental crown in a day. Cerec dentistry, introduced world wide back in the late 1980’s, The material used is a strong porcelain block. The CAD CAM machine takes precise pictures and measurements. Once all measurements are taken, this amazing machine will mill the perfect crown, right before your eyes! Our patients love the look, ease, and convenience of one day crowns. For questions or to schedule your one day crown, call us at 419-228-4036. We will tell you if a one day crown is right for you!

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