Have You Heard About Mini Dental Implants?


standard vs mini implantToday I’d like to discuss the effects of tooth loss. Losing a tooth can be an emotional experience. A patient’s response to tooth loss can include bereavement, lowered self-confidence, dislike of appearance, altered socialization and more!

For many patients, partials and dentures are uncomfortable. Traditional dental implants, whether bone grafts are included or not, are a huge financial hurdle that sometimes just cannot be overcome. The good news is, traditional implants are no longer the only option. Mini implants are a fairly new type of implant being used. Over the past decade mini implants have emerged as an alternative to traditional implants. Mini implants are a great option for a patient who has already lost bone. These implants range in size from approximately 1.8 mm to 3 mm vs. the traditional implant length starting at 3/75 mm.

We know that all patients needs are different. Implant placement is one of the biggest differences of the mini implant versus the traditional implant. With a traditional implant placement, the procedure involves adequate bone, cutting a flap, and significant healing time. Healing of a traditional implant can take 6-8 months. Mini implants are placed with precision directly in the patient’s bone by drilling a small hole- no surgery required. Because the implant is smaller and the procedure is much less invasive, healing usually occurs in a much timelier manner. Mini implants can be completed in as little as a day.

There are cost differences between a standard implant and a mini implant. This helps jump that financial hurdle that so many patients face! We want patients to know that there are options and WE CAN HELP!

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