Dental Implants

Would you like to restore your smile to its former beauty? This can be done with dental implants!

Whether you are missing one tooth or many, dental implants can transform your smile and build incredible confidence. At Pure Smiles Findlay, our team performs the restoration of dental implants. If you have undergone implant surgery and are waiting to have the perfect prosthetic placed, we invite you to contact our office. We are offering an implant restoration consultation to the residents of Findlay, OH. Call today to make an appointment and achieve your smile dreams!

Common Questions

The quick answer is, yes! Dental implants are custom-made from special material that is designed to look and feel natural. Every implant will be color-matched to the color of your surrounding natural teeth.

The great news is that when implants are properly cared for they can last a lifetime. They are strong and sturdy. When you come in for regular visits, your dentist will inspect them to see if any maintenance or repair is necessary. If you do need any repairs to your restoration, our team will be happy to help!

The cost of implants will vary by patient and is based on a wide range of factors. To determine an accurate estimate for the placement of your implant, you will need to speak directly with the surgical team performing that phase of the procedure. If you are seeking the cost of your restoration, set up a consultation with us so we can give you a full estimate of your cost.

The entire process of placing dental implants can take several months. The vast majority of implant patients will happily verify that it is well worth the time investment. Once the implants have healed, and we have placed your beautiful restorations, you will be glad you made the commitment.


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