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Everything in Moderation

May 1, 2017

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated: “moderation in all things”.  Food and drink are no exception to this rule!  It isn’t so much what you eat, but how long it is exposed to your teeth before being washed away and the remaining acid residue is neutralized by the saliva. It is your saliva’s job is to neutralize the acid, but it needs to be timely.

Think of the system timing like a mealtime- we all eat & drink acidic foods & beverages. How long does it take to eat a meal? 20-30 minutes? Then, your saliva has an opportunity to rinse and neutralize those acids.

If you continue, as many soda power drink users do, to consume an acid bath then the acid begins to leach the mineral from your teeth causing the enamel to weaken and dissolve.

Just remember that acid and bone do not mix- the bone loses & remember the teeth are hardened bones in the outside of your body.

  • AFTER 20-30 MINUTES of acid contact rinse with water. Wait for a time so that your saliva can neutralize the acids
  • Brush your teeth at least 2x a day & floss once.  If you do this & others don’t- you will keep your teeth & they will have dentures…which lead to many other problems.
  • Visit your dentist & hygienist twice per year that way if a problem begins it can be kept small!

And finally, remember to keep smiling, caring, and sharing.

Until next time!

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