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E-Cigarettes and Vaping

dreamstime_xs_51598628Besides cancer and a host of other health issues, smoking causes bad breath, discolored teeth, increased plaque and bacteria, and even gum disease. Cigarette, pipe, and cigar smokers are prone to the effects from tobacco products including the inhibition of proper healing and cell function in the gum tissues.

The National Cancer Institute states that there is NO form of safe tobacco. Smokeless tobacco causes gum disease, oral lesions, oral cancer, and throat cancer.

The new trend includes E-Cigarettes and Vaping. Vaping is especially popular with our younger population (18-25 years old). The oral effects of Vaping are no less concerning. Vaping still uses a method of inhalation. Because the E-Cigarettes are not very old, we really don’t know all of the long term effects. We do know that Vaping, Hookah, and E-Cigarette pens were introduced to America in 2006. Chemicals, flavoring, and nicotine are converted from liquid to vapor in these pens. The use of heat is necessary to change the product from liquid to vapor. Chemicals and heat, the key elements that cause irritation in the oral cavity, are present in vaping. We note increased tissue irritation, dry mouth, stomatitis, and palatal burns from the use of E-Cigarettes. The amount of irritation present varies dependent upon amount of use.

There is not enough data to link Vaping to cancer at this time. However, the act of inhaling chemicals is a concern. Talk to your dental health care professional today. We have tobacco and smoking cessation information available to assist you in quitting.

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