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Dental Implant

December 27, 2016

I wonder if anyone ever asked Santa for New Front Teeth? I’m sure Santa has had all kinds of requests. Dental Implants are a popular way to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants have become the standard of care when replacing missing teeth. There are always options available to replace missing teeth including removable appliances and dental bridges but dental implants are designed to be very comfortable, like a natural tooth. They are not removable, and they do not affect any other teeth in the mouth.

Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the bone of the mouth. Once healed, a crown that looks like a natural tooth is placed upon the implant. The patient can then chew and speak just as he/she did before losing the tooth. If you are interested in getting a dental implant, it’s important to discuss thoroughly with your dental professional. Some restrictions can apply when getting dental implants but good health and good bone levels equal successful implant placement. From finding a dentist who surgically places implants to the final placement and adjustment of the crown, we can help! Our staff at Lima, New Bremen, and Spencerville Dental Associates is highly trained in implant placement and have multitudes of success stories to share. If you have any questions about tooth replacement, give us a call. We are always happy to answer questions.

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