David Hazelton
Director of Human Resources


Dave Hazelton was born in a small town in western Pennsylvania, very much like many of the communities we serve. At a young age, Dave attended St. Patrick’s elementary school, filled with wonderful people and providing a great education, which was the beginning of his educational journey. He went on to graduate from Yale University (at that time, Yale did not have a dental school) with a B.A. in Architecture. He is considering Cornell University for his pursuit of a master’s degree in HR Management. Currently, Dave is pursuing a master’s degree in HR Management. Learning is a lifelong process.

Dave is associated with the Society for Human Resource Management. This promotes the role of HR as a profession and provides education, certification, and networking to its members while lobbying Congress on issues pertinent to labor management. 

Dave joined our practice in September 2018. His favorite thing about working in the dental industry is the people! The practice has amazingly talented and dedicated people in each of our offices. What Dave loves the most about his job is finding people who are the best at what they do and helping them do what they do best.

Outside of the office, Dave enjoys learning more about Human Resource Management. His hobbies include family first, then golf, fishing, and music. Each has its own frustrations along with great reward!

“It’s far better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”