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We’ve been helping create beautiful smiles for years . Did you know that we offer Botox and facial fillers treatments at Lima Dental Associates?

Botox is a series of injections that produce a temporary muscle paralyzing effect, which typically smooth wrinkles and ageing lines. It is also used to treat some muscle conditions such as spasms. Age, weight, health, and area being treated will all affect how long Botox will last. Initially, Botox wears off faster but with repeated treatment, results last longer.Unfortunately, the results of Botox injections are not typically permanent. Also, Botox is not effective in treating deep wrinkles.

Facial filler is recommended for rejuvenating skin and filling deep facial wrinkles. The results from facial fillers typically last 9-12 months. Dr. Shankland typically uses a facial filler that is made from hyaluronic acid called Juvederm.

filler 2Botox and facial filler treatment are available at Lima Dental Associates! Our office staff will set up a consult to evaluate your concerns and to determine what procedures will be best for you. Call today to schedule your consult at 419-228-4036.

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