Cracked Tooth Syndrome


cracked toothThere are multiple reasons that a tooth may crack. Tooth decay, large existing restorations, trauma, and grinding are just a few causes of weakened tooth structures that could lead to tooth cracks.

Cracks can start off very small and have no symptoms at all but as the cracks get larger patients often report symptoms such as sharp pain when biting, pain when grinding, pain when drinking beverages, or pain from sugary substances. In some cases, but not all, the patient can specify exactly which tooth is bothering him or her.

Cracks can be difficult for dental clinicians to diagnose. Often headaches, earaches, facial pain, and sinusitis can mimic a cracked tooth. There are a series of tests that clinicians will perform to determine if a tooth is cracked.

Treatment options for cracked tooth syndrome include restoration, crown, root canal, or sometimes tooth extraction. The extent of the crack will determine the appropriate treatment necessary.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your symptoms with your dental professional. If caught soon enough, we can prevent a tooth from breaking beyond repair.

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