“Brushing up” – May 2014

“…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said those words about a far greater fear than going to the dentist, but it’s true about visiting the dentist — there really is nothing to fear, but the fear itself.   Did you know that the three biggest reasons people don’t go to the dentist are money, time, and fear? These are seemingly pretty big obstacles to overcome, but our staff at Lima Dental is especially attentive to the needs, and concerns of our patients, and will help to address all three reasons so that our patients will feel confident caring for their dental health.

Many people are anxious about the cost of dental treatment.  We help our patients overcome this by offering several payment options such as cash, check, and major credit cards.  Our expert staff will even  help our patients apply for Care Credit, a financing option for dental expenses.  And for those patients with dental benefits, we help file the insurance claims.We develop a treatment plan for the patient and review it, taking into consideration priority of treatment, cost, payment options, and scheduling around each of our patients busy schedules.  All of  these options help to eliminate the financial concerns that many patients have.

When it comes to your time, be assured that we value each patients time — just as much as our own.   We do everything we can to stay on schedule for the benefit of the patient and for us. to fear. Our motto is, “State of the Art Technology with State of the Heart Care,” and we really mean it!  It’s our goal to make every patient feel as comfortable as they possibly can.  We never brush aside a patient’s fear or concerns. We listen — and — talk to our patients, find out why they are scared, and help to educate them beyond their fears by discussing sedation options, and other methods to overcome their fears.  Our staff always has comforting words and smiles.

Until next time,

Keep smiling, caring and sharing.


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