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Are You Snacking Sensibly?

December 19th, 2016

Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t know about you but everywhere I turn there are sweet treats! I imagine many people experience this during this time of the year. Sensible snacking doesn’t typically affect the teeth, but frequent snacking on sugary sweet treats throughout the day can cause tooth decay. The acid, created from plaque and sugar, can attack a tooth for 20 minutes or longer following exposure from sugary food and drinks. We recommend eating regular meals, drink lots of water, and limit snacking to just a few times per day. It’s also important to brush for 2 minutes 2 times a day, clean in between the teeth with floss, brush the tongue, and use an antiseptic mouth rinse.

Sensitivity to sugar is a common symptom of decay. If you notice a mild zinging sensation when consuming sugars, please let your dental professional know. Small issues remain small when caught and treated early.

Enjoy all of the holiday goodies, but be smart about how often you are snacking on them…..and as always, keep smiling, sharing, and caring!

Until next time,

God Bless!

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