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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Intra oral cameras

intra oral cameraWouldn’t it be easier to understand the condition of your mouth if you could see it? We agree! That’s why we use intra oral cameras at Lima, Spencerville, and New Bremen Dental Associates
Poor brushing, stains, broken restorations, mouth sores, cavities, failing restorations, new restorations, before and after photos, and face photos are just a few of the things we use intra oral cameras for at our practice. There are so many advantages to using intra oral cameras that we can’t even list them all!

Often it is difficult for patients to fully understand the condition of their teeth the way their dental professionals do. One way to bridge that gap is by using pictures. Now, our patients can see exactly what we are talking about!

Intra oral photos can be taken quickly and viewed within seconds on a computer screen. The camera itself looks like a wand or a pen. It hooks directly to the computer and software allows the images to be saved on the patient chart.

Cameras allow us to illuminate and magnify areas of concern in the mouth making it both easier to see and document. We can monitor changes in the mouth over time. And, pictures can be used to help treatment plan and proceed in the best way possible. We can even send a copy of the image home with you to discuss with a family member or to your insurance company for claim filing assistance.

It’s one more way we are using state of the art technology to better serve you!

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